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Visit to Maxcon Enterprises

posted 15 Nov 2016, 20:11 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA   [ updated 10 Jan 2017, 06:27 ]
Nathaniel and Shweta had been to the factory site of Maxcon Enterprises today and the visit turned out to be very productive. We had visited their factory to feel the normal plywood that we had received quotes for. Though the normal plywood in the required sizes costed only around $1 per piece, it was costing a very high amount to laminate it and do the side veneering. Today when we visited their factory, in person we felt that the normal plywood did not have a very good look and feel. Instead, we found a birch plywood that looked magnificent for our purpose. In fact, we liked it without the lamination. It had the rustic, raw and unfinished feel and look with looked better than the laminated one. This way we are also saving on lamination costs and we are getting a better wood. The birch wood is slightly more expensive than the norma plywood, but it is definitely worth it and well within our budget. 
The pictures below show the difference between the normal plywood (smaller piece) and the birch plywood (larger piece). The birch plywood has the natural wood ring impression on it, is slightly hairy and has visible wood layers on the sides. This gives a natural rustic woody charm to the photo. The normal plywood on the other hand is too smooth and polished thus taking away from the natural touch, feel and look of the wood. 


This was our memory from our visit to the Maxcon Enterprises factory: