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Our first stepping stone

posted 13 Oct 2016, 00:35 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA   [ updated 10 Jan 2017, 06:23 ]
We completed our first few prototypes and thereby also climbed our first stepping stone: A failure!
Making the prototype wasn't as easy as it seemed in the demonstration video. The wood print can be easily over scrubbed, peeling off paints and exposing the wood or under scrubbed, leaving white striations of paper marks. We believe it is probably because we didn't use enough gel medium to stick the picture or because we didn't put it out to dry in the open. 
However, we still believe it will work and we are determined to try again and again. We have tried out another prototype and this time with lots of gel medium and we have also left it under the fan to dry. 
Hopefully it works. 
Have a look at out first few prototypes: