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Moving Forward

posted 9 Nov 2016, 08:58 by VAYA BUNDAWI   [ updated 10 Jan 2017, 06:25 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA ]
ACRA Registration
The team has decided to apply for ACRA Registration and is still in the process of doing so. The registration was first delayed because two of the members are international students, as such the team having difficulty to endorse the application. As a result, the team consulted with Adrian over this, and decided to have Nathaniel and Monisha to apply for the ACRA registration and the team would sign the shareholders' agreement. Now, Monisha is in the process of endorsing the ACRA Registration as well as registering for official address for the company.

Wood Supplier
The team has contacted 2 wood suppliers and had gotten the price list. The team is now deciding which wood supplier is better in term of cost and quality of the materials. The team has actually seen the product from one of the company. However, the team feels the need to see the product from the other company to make a better decision. Unfortunately, this is delayed because the one and only sales person of the company is doing his reservist until this Friday. As such, the team is still trying to make arrangement with him to see the product.

Product Sampling
The team has been continuously doing sample to perfect our skills. In addition, we have incorporated edited photograph into the product to see the outcome. This is done so we could ensure that the product delivered is of highest quality.

As mentioned in the business plan, the team had decided to reach out to friends at the start. Thus, we had started to contact our friends who had shown interest during the survey. In addition, we had actually told them about the waiting time of the product as we are still getting started on the business. However, even though this is the case, the team would ensure that the products' quality is not compromise even when we are just getting started.