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posted 5 Feb 2017, 04:56 by VAYA BUNDAWI   [ updated 5 Feb 2017, 04:57 ]
The team has been improvising the work flow, so that the order could be done smoothly and in time. We are trying to work more effectively and efficiently, where we only need to meet once or twice a week to discuss while having the orders delivered on time.

Currently, the team is busy making general samples that could be sold during the coming events (U-Flea and MAAD). Also, we are in the discussion on the photo transfer method, in hope to find faster and cost friendly method. There are a lot of research done for this, and several trials needed to be done to find out. In fact, last Friday, the team actually tried another photo transfer method. It turn out that this method could potentially produced a good quality picture, even though the waiting time is longer. Also, it is easier to scrub the photo with this method. However, there is a need to try this method again, to perfect our skills.