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Going Strong

posted 16 Jan 2017, 07:20 by VAYA BUNDAWI   [ updated 20 Jan 2017, 02:02 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA ]
Today, we actually met up to discuss our next moves and also to finish up the current orders. Besides finishing up on the orders that we did on Friday, we actually did 8 new orders today. Hopefully, we could get the orders ready in a few days time.

At the moment, the marketing method of selling the products are through word-of-mouth and social media namely Facebook and Instagram. However, the team is planning to reach out to a larger market by participating in bazaar such as U-Flea and MAAD. As such, the team is planning to order another batch of woods to be ready for those events. Also, the team is planning to expand the target market to cafes. As such, the team are drafting out an email to be sent to cafes.