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posted 4 Mar 2017, 08:51 by VAYA BUNDAWI
We met on Friday to work on our new orders. During the meeting, there was a unexpected mistake made when one of the team members stuck the order. In order to save the wood, we managed to scrap the newly stuck photo out of it with water and sand sponge. That led to the new discovery, when Nathaniel tried to scrap the used wood (spoiled production due to over scrubbing or error when sticking) with the sand sponge. It turns out that the wood could be scraped using the sand sponge when enough pressured is applied to it. This technique is found at the right time as the uncle who usually did the scraping for us has refused to do it for us in the future. This discovery would help to reduce our cost as we no longer need to seek scrapping service. However, we still need to try out whether the wood that we scrapped could be recycled and reused for a new order.