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Working together

posted 18 Oct 2016, 09:16 by VAYA BUNDAWI   [ updated 18 Oct 2016, 09:18 ]
Due to different schedule, the team has agreed to continue completing the business plan online with each assigned the remaining tasks. So, today, I have written a suggestion for the exit strategy which include the shares and voting right of each individual. This would be discussed further in our next meeting. In addition, I have edited the part on the products we offer.

The next part is the marketing analysis and finance. For the marketing analysis, the team has just ended the discussion online through Skype, on the set of questions to ask. On the other hand, for the finance part, the team is still lacking on the cost of the wood from the wood supplier. This would be filled tomorrow, as I had managed to secure an appointment with Mr Ang from Maxcon Enterprise.