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Working from overseas

posted 7 Jan 2017, 22:12 by VAYA BUNDAWI   [ updated 24 Feb 2017, 07:31 ]
I could not make it to the team meeting yesterday as I am still in Indonesia. However, I tried to do something even when I am away.

Again, I have edited some photos a few days back. These edit may not be tried out on the wood, but since I have done them, maybe it could be used as reference for further editing job that we are going to do. Similarly, the photo on the left is the original photo, while the photo on the right is the edited photo.

"WARM" Filter

"OLD POLAR" Filter

Today, I went to buy 2 brushes. This is because it is cheaper in Indonesia and I hope with these brushes all of us could perform our jobs better. I am going to another city tomorrow in hope to find other raw materials and maybe get them here if it is cheaper. Hopefully, I could find the raw materials here and reduce our costs.

I have talked to my friends, and fortunately I got a new confirmed order today. He has sent the photo to me this morning. Even though, it is just an additional one order, I think that, at least the team is working in the right direction. The team is excited and would definitely work harder and make this a success.

I have already contacted the person through fiverr and secure the deal with the agreement of the team. Then, Monisha took over from the payment onwards as I do not have the cards needed to proceed with the payment. He has sent us several logos to choose from, through Monisha. Currently, the team is in discussion with the in-charge to improve the logo.