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Learn and Try

posted 3 Nov 2016, 09:05 by VAYA BUNDAWI   [ updated 3 Nov 2016, 09:06 ]
Since I am new to photo editing, I need to spend more time on this.

Today, I learnt from my friend how to have edit the photo such that it gives mirror image. This is an important skill to avoid having image with inverted words. Even though it appears to be easy after learning, it was challenging to try it on my own. I learnt that sometimes, it is okay to spend more time on something to improve myself, and it is also important to ask for help if I am facing difficulty.

After several attempt, I managed to edit some photos, and I am planning to have it printed tomorrow. There is a need to keep trying and perfecting my skill in transferring the photos to sell emotion rather than just selling function as mentioned in the feedback after the business presentation. This is important so that we do not disappoint our customers when we start selling the product.

Other than this, I am also reading on how to do ACRA registration to register our business when some of the members are international student.