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Keep Moving

posted 15 Oct 2016, 10:37 by VAYA BUNDAWI
Yesterday, I went to art friends to get more gel medium and wood to conduct a few more trials. This is done in order to see the difference on how the materials would affect the final quality of the product. By doing this, the team and I hope to find the best materials to produce highest quality product. In addition, these continual trials would help me to perfect my skill.

Afterwards, I went to Unimax at Jurong Point to ask about the printing service that they offer, in hope to try their service next time. This is because previously, the printing of the photo was not to the best quality, so I hope their service would help to improve the quality of the photo.

For my second trial, the result has improved significantly. From this trial, I learnt that:
1. I need to ensure that the paper are wet before scrubbing it off. This is to avoid under scrubbing of the paper.
2. I need to be very careful when scrubbing the paper off especially towards the edge. This is because the edge could tear off easily compared to the other area of the photos.
3. When scrubbing the paper off, I must be patient and gentle.
Furthermore, to end this trial, I used two different finished namely glossy varnish (on the right half of the photo) and mod podge (on the left half of the photo). The result is displayed below.
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I also started doing research on target market, conducting feasibility and SWOT analysis of the business plan.