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Compromise and Time Management

posted 23 Feb 2017, 08:39 by VAYA BUNDAWI
I have always plan my day, but lately due to this business, my plan tend to be disturbed. Sometimes, I had to postpone or even worse cancel my plan just to make time to meet the urgent job. From this last few weeks, I learnt that I just have to do it, be ready to be called to cover the job when the other team members were busy and when things did not go according to the plan, and I am sure my team members did the same when I was busy. However, this period made me realise that sometimes, compromise is needed. The team are in this together, so we just have to cover each other's back.

Also, I learnt that even though my plan is disturbed, I have to work with the time I have left. This few days, I have been going back and forth taking wood, prints, gel medium and so on from the team members. It was not easy, but there is always something to learn throughout the process.