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posted 12 Jan 2017, 07:59 by VAYA BUNDAWI   [ updated 14 Jan 2017, 08:14 ]
New Order
For the past few days, I have been talking to my friends regarding this business. The good news is that I got 5 new orders for the smallest size in the past 2 days. So since there are new orders, editing has to be done. As such, I did some editing today.

Wood Collection and Printing Queries
I also collected some woods from Nathaniel this afternoon, so that there would be woods for the order to be processed tomorrow when the team meet near the hall area tomorrow. Also, since the team needs bigger printing size for larger order, I have also asked the printing shop at the North Spine to see whether they print the size that we needed. It turns out that they do, which is good.

I have been finding information on U-Flea which is a bazaar to promote entrepreneurship in NTU. As such, I saw this as a platform that might help the team to increase sales as we could rent a place during these 2 days event to sell our products. This event would be held on 9th and 10th February from 10am - 4pm this year. The rental fee for the 2 days is $30, which is affordable.

However, finding the information did not stop there. I talked to one of the student vendors last year. He sold pokemon cards and earn more than $300 in revenue in those 2 days. It means that quite a number of NTU students are actually visiting this U-Flea and also buying the product. In addition, this year there would be performances which might attract more students to go to U-Flea as compared to last year.

After updating the team with the above information, the team is now putting this option into consideration.