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Busy Time

posted 10 Feb 2017, 05:35 by VAYA BUNDAWI
This is the busy period for our business as we are having booth for U-Flea and MAAD. So, from Wednesday, I have already scrubbed some of the samples that are going to be displayed during the event, which last for several hours as there are a lot of samples made.

Yesterday and today, I open the booth and talk to people to market our product. However, it really did not end there. Today after the u-flea event, I have to drill hole for the hook (as a mean of hanging as requested by the customers) on the orders that are needed to be delivered, in which I have to request a help from my friend. Also, afterwards, I have to go to Jurong Point to search for the hook as the remaining hooks are with Monisha and she is at MAAD event. It was a busy last few days, and we are also going to have a busier days ahead, as orders are coming in for Valentine's Day.