Tough decisions are a part of entrepreneuring?

posted 23 Jan 2017, 08:57 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA
Our website is finally up and running. Hopefully this, in addition to our social media marketing will boost our sales further. Also, one of my friends who purchased our products loved it so much that he recommended us to his aunt in Singapore, who is willing to place orders with us to redecorate her house!! In addition, I was also successful in registering for MAAD. Luckily, despite a lot of demand, we have been added to the participation list. Moreover, we got our MAAD participation for free because of student promotions. 
Talking of MAAD, I get reminded of the first tough decision that we all had to make as a team. We had to choose between:
(i) Maxconn enterprises, our regular trusted supplier, who was charging us exorbitantly but we were assured to get well in time delivery of good quality wood for our major selling period: U-Flea, MAAD and Valentine's. Moreover, for the sake of the relationship we shared through previous transactions, the dealer was also ready to waive the surcharge applicable for calling in the workers during CNY to process our order
(ii) New supplier, whose product we haven't yet seen or tested. And also, he can give us the wood only a day before our first major event; U-Flea. But the major plus point with the new supplier is that we were getting it for half the price. 
However, we could not afford to not have wood during our selling season and hence we made the tough decision of going for the expensive but trusted supplier. We shall try out the new supplier next time to cut down operating costs. 
On the other hand, I have still been unsuccessful in finding a supplier for cardboard cartons to package our final product. I am currently liaising with a vendor in India, Chennai. Since, his mother tongue is the same as mine, he is more willing to listen to my requirements and also negotiate prices. But, as Plan B, I am also looking for other cheap packaging options such as bubble wrap with our logo stickers, brown paper bags with our logo and so on, in affordable websites such as Alibaba. Once, we have all the quotations, we will be making a decision about it soon!