Selling emotions, not pictures

posted 25 Oct 2016, 23:27 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA   [ updated 10 Jan 2017, 06:31 ]
After working on our business proposal over a skype meeting for 14 hours, the longest I have ever had, we were finally done with our business proposal and were ready for our case presentation. I must say that it actually paid off. Our mentors and batchmates appreciated us for our idea and said that it had a huge potential. They also had some good suggestions to improve our product and our professors advise truly inspired us all: "Sell the emotion, not the picture". And since then, all of us have been trying to learn picture editing to bring some emotion into our picture. I wouldn't lie that it's going great, but it is definitely not bad. Have a look at one of my first few edits. Hope you like it!

Edit 1

Edit 2

Edit 3

Edit 4

Simultaneously, we are also meeting the wood manufacturers and getting quotes from two of them: Chen Sing and Maxcon Enterprises. Once, we have a good quote, we will fix our vendor and try prototyping with our new edited images on our good quality wood.