Some ray of hope

posted 26 Oct 2016, 11:21 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA   [ updated 10 Jan 2017, 06:32 ]
As I had mentioned before, discussions with Benedict, the professional photographer have caught pace and he has even agreed to work with us. He had initially quoted a very high price of $35/hour. However, he empathised with us entrepreneurs as he was an entrepreneur himself. He agreed to charge us at per photo rate instead of per hour rate. From such an exorbitant price, he reduced to $5 per photo. I further explained to him that we couldn't afford that high a price as even the cost price of our product wasn't that much. After long hours of negotiation, Benedict has agreed to provide his exceptional photoshop services to Pine-o-Chio at just $1.5 per photo. 
Benedict, being the professional that he is, has suggested that we print a photographic colour wheel on the wood of our choice to visualise how the different colours will appear on the wood. This, he believes will help him edit the photos more efficiently. Once we decide our type and colour of wood by the end of this week, we will try sticking the colour wheel on the wood for Benedict. After that, we've requested Benedict to make a sample edit for us, so that we can be sure about collaborating with him. If all works out well, Pine-o-Chio shall work with Benedict to produce some extraordinary wood prints.