Eureka moment!

posted 7 Mar 2017, 08:06 by RAMAMURTHY SWETHA
For the past few days, all of us have been quite troubled because we have a lot of inventory left in hand. And finally, when we are getting orders, we cannot process them. More than half of the wood we bought is damaged and needs replacement. However, due to some budget issues our supplier is not able to replace the wood until mid march. And lately, our technique has been backfiring too. A lot of products are requiring redoes and this is wasting a lot of wood. On the other hand, the vendor who used to scrap the spoilt wood for us refused to do it anymore. 
We found a solution to all our problems exactly at the right time. On Friday, while we were all processing the orders that we could with the wood we have, I accidentally damaged a photo that was stuck on the wood with my nails. Since, the picture was freshly stuck , Nathaniel suggested that we run some over water over it and try to scrubbing it off to save the wood. It was not surprising that it worked because we had stuck the picture only a few minutes ago. It then struck us that we could try scrubbing other spoilt wood in a similar way. And believe it or not, Eureka! It worked!
This means so much to us because this will not only enable us to process our orders but will also help us cut down our cost tremendously. But yeah, it requires some muscle to be able to scrap of the print from the wood!