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posted 9 Mar 2017, 05:46 by NATHANIEL KAI WEI OH
Been doing a number of self-reflection thoughts for this Pine-o-chio business. I felt that this whole thing was a tad too rushed for us to have a proper and systematic way of doing things. We rushed headlong into a few issues here and there which led us to a reactionary movement rather than a predictory course of action. we had quite a number of mistakes and spent more than neccessary on things that, given enough time we would be able to find an alternative to it. 
For example, our second/third batch of wood was due to the fact that we "ran out" of wood because we made quite a few mistakes on techniques that costs us a fair bit of wood. In actual fact, we could have recycled the wood
Next, talking about recycling, we sent the wood for scraping, basically which is using thinner and then to sand the top surface off so as to be able to use the wood again. But recently, in our meeting on the 3rd of march, I've made a discovery that just by using a sand-blaster scrub, I was able to do the same thing. Money wasted.