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Start of Pineochio!

posted 16 Oct 2016, 21:32 by NATHANIEL KAI WEI OH
It was a random idea, generated from ideas being bounced off by the 4 of us. What started as a holiday gifts idea slowly turned into imprinting beautiful photographic memories onto wood. By its own virtue, wood is aesthetically pleasing to look at, sensual to touch and smells of good old Mother Nature. Our team hope that this twist from ordinary photographs will allow us to share this rustic charm to our clients, gifting them a peace (pun intended) of nature amidst the busyness of life.

And so, our journey begins!

Week 1: 

We officially started to turn our idea into reality on the 10th of October, where our team headed down to Daiso (Jurong East) to find cheap woods to experiment on as well as Arts Friend (Clementi) to source for higher quality wood, materials needed in the procedure and hopefully gain a flash of inspiration from the various art items lying around the shop.

After reaching home, I immediately went to try out the process of imprinting the picture onto the wood. It was however, a total failure as I've forgot one of the main ingredients, and thus had to head down to Artfriends the next day again to get our gel medium.
Our team tried it out over the weekend and experiemented with the different materials and we are on our way to successfully mastering it!

Now to do our business plan heh