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Been a LONG time since I posted

posted 10 Nov 2016, 18:51 by NATHANIEL KAI WEI OH
I apologise for the long hiatus in the posting of the individual blog (and team blog) due to many many many commitments CCA-wise, personal, work-wise and technical obstacles in which I was unable to access this site for quite some time. However, that being said it does not mean that I was idle in real life. Here are some updates!

Wood Manufacturers:
Maxcon Enterprise 
Me and Vaya went down to Queenstown to meet with Mr Ang (our liaison) to discuss about the wood items. It was quite fruitful as we learned much about the different types of products and which is best suited for our use. 
However, getting hold of him can be a tad hard as he seems to be regularly busy. As of now, we are still doing email correspondence and we have arranged a face-to-face meet up at his warehouse soon.
Monisha and I went down to Ang Mo Kio industrial area to have a look around the workshop. There were quite a number of products that caught our eye, but sadly only the marine plywood is available. 

Being the only Singaporean on the team, I have had applied for LLP registration already. We came to quite a number of obstacles during the application however. One for example, is that we don't have a business address, and to use a home address we have to apply with URA under its Home Office Scheme. Another issue we came about is that during the endorsement of the LLP, each of our members have to apply for a Singpass. However Vaya and Shweta does not have a permanent local address in Singapore. Hence we settled on a shareholder's agreement which will save us quite a hassle. 

On my own, there are a few trials and errors. Here are some of the finalised products:

Before the transfer of image

After the transfer (There are some issues with the rotation of image it was rotated upright in the first place but it got changed when uploaded)