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Another late post

posted 28 Feb 2017, 21:20 by NATHANIEL KAI WEI OH
It has been a long time since I posted as well, but it has been a helluva hectic ride. Being a small team, we basically have lesser manpower and lots of different skills have to be acquired in order for us to achieve success in our business. However from this venture, I have gained alot through the different experiences, from liasing with the suppliers (from the initial supplying to bargaining for cheaper prices, getting annoyed at low quality goods etc), to learning coding from scratch (Codeacademy, Google, code forums and good old Pratyum), doing face to face sales (U-flea and MAAD) and networking with random sellers and stall holders to advertise our products. 

Most of the days the whole team work a number of hours trying to tie down everything and it was really tiring and hectic. There were also lots of sacrifice on our part of the academics. Up till now we have quite a number of backlogs and assignments

It has been a long ride of ups and downs and I would have to say that when the orders comes rushing in, its kind of a pleasant annoyance, where you know that the money is flowing in, but there's a "there we go again, no time for a break" feeling.