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U-flea and MAAD

posted 21 Feb 2017, 21:11 by JAIN MONISHA ANANDRAJ   [ updated 28 Feb 2017, 00:40 ]
Finally the 2 events we all had been waiting for. 
2 most important dates : 9th and 10th of FEB 2017.
The 3 days before the 9th of feb, Shweta and I had been up the whole night just making samples, trying to deliver orders on time, organising the structure of processing orders, trying new techniques, etc..

9th FEB
We all had set up the booth at NTU and were delighted by the number of responses we got in 6 hrs. A lot of people showed interest and curiosity at our booth and expressed their likings by giving us their contact details.
It was a good day, we all learned what customers usually lean towards and printed out discount brochures to attract them.

10th FEB
Well, I had stayed over at NTU for the last 3-4 nights and today Nathaniel and I had to go for the MAAD at the Red Dot Design Museum, which was from 5pm-12am.
Shweta and Vaya were responsible for the U-flea booth that day. We had to close early as the samples needed to be used for MAAD as well.
I went home (at Tanah Merah), got all possible decorations in a big suitcase and headed towards MAAD around 2.30pm as it was first come first serve basis. I had to stand in the line for super long and managed to chope a good place for the exhibit.
Nathaniel at the same time was getting all the samples from NTU to MAAD. And once he reached we both set up and started the experience of it.
Shweta managed to join us also at around 8-9pm and then we all packed up and left.

The 2 days were a good experience overall. But few times it was just too much pressure and things to handle at the same time. I usually took the lead in dividing the work and delegating it to all my friends keeping in mind their schedules as well.
But, there used to be some times, when i would feel not acknowledged at all. 
My belief was that however busy we are with the rest of our things we HAVE to manage and spare some time everyday for this business we started together.