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Rollercoaster ride of 3 weeks !!!

posted 12 Feb 2017, 21:19 by JAIN MONISHA ANANDRAJ
The story till now is only until the Photoshoot day .....
After which, a LOT had happened and I, personally have grown as an individual.

1) 3rd week of Jan - Struggles to create our very own website, despite any of us being from an IT field. Nathaniel and I were in charge of the handling of the website. I had very less knowledge about this so i decided to go for a 380$ basic coding workshop at the Techcove for 2 days.
Well, I did learn quite a few things but wasn't such a success when needed to apply it in shopify. Nathaniel worked and learned the coding step by step for shopify and I joined in to execute it a bit more smoothly after he explained to me what he had accomplished.

Those days were the most stressing days as we were under pressure from everyone for a working "website".... 
BUT, we asked one of out dorm buddy friends to help us out with a few things and FINALLY we had our own website and domain as well, .....

2) Next, came to precessing of orders, mastering out technique, ideas on how to package our product,etc etc.
We all used the original Gel medium method always but it seemed not so feasible as it takes a long time and there are more chances of it getting over scrubbed. 
We "planned" and divided the work. I always was the IC of printing all the orders and sometimes sticking them as well.
I thought i wasn't good at the scrubbing until one day i replied the gel i had been using was slightly different from the rest (definitely a face palm moment).
Hence, i started scrubbing as well and gained confidence in that as well.

Next, was trying out various other techniques to quicken the process.
Shweta and I had seen atleast 50 videos on the different ways of doing so. Both of us tried finding "freezer paper" and "wax paper" almost everywhere and enquired over phone in so many shops but were always turned down. We got super frustrated that time as we had a order delivery the very next day whoosh had gotten spoiled.
We even tried an Iron-on transfer technique which worked to an extent only.
We somehow managed to deliver the urgent order, but finally we found a special "Mod-podge transfer medium technique", which made our life so much easier with the scrubbing. 
We all were so relieved until we realised that this technique doesn't give out the message of our company. It was just like sticking paper on wood..... 
THUS, back to square 1, to the gel method which was the most beautiful along with being the most tedious one.

Story of this ride will continue in the consequent post :P