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Month Of Dec 2016!!!

posted 1 Jan 2017, 22:53 by JAIN MONISHA ANANDRAJ
Writing a blog after almost a month !!!!
Definitely a reason for it...

Well, we felt the real struggle at this point in time as a group, due to the 4 of us in 4 different locations abroad and the delivery of our wood.
A heavy payoff was made finally with our desired wood in our hands.
WE GOT THE ORDER in the 2nd week of December.
But, 2 of our international team mates were back in their home countries, so Nathaniel and I took charge over the wood.
I, myself was travelling within a few days of the order and failed to do justice to my samples.

BUT, we all planned our roles and things we had to get together as it is high time we start our PINE-O-CHIO.
So, we edited various pics, and narrowed down our options based on our discussions with our mentors.
I have currently finished 6 sample pictures with 4 of them turning out pretty well.
Will post the pictured of the final samples on the team blog very soon !!
Our website, social sites, picture of samples, the dilemma of keeping a stand for out pieces, etc etc is all on HOLD.
The day we kick start with a zoom is the one we are waiting and planning for.
Soon everything is going to come into action.
But for now, we mainly focus on our background works because if thats good, then no doubt that our work shown up will be worth it.