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posted 12 Feb 2017, 21:37 by JAIN MONISHA ANANDRAJ
It was almost the last week of the 1st month in 2017.
Time was running too fast.

We had signed up for 2 upcoming events:
1) U-Flea at NTU on the 9th and 10th Feb 2017, 11am - 5pm .
2) MAAD - Market Of Artists and Designers at the Red Dot Design Museum on the 10th Feb, 5pm - 12 am.

So, we needed brilliant samples for all of this, and thats when i took the l;had in deciding the samples with my partners and came to conclusion of speeding up sampling as we were running out of time and wood.
CNY period was the most stressed out period as all our orders were on hold as our inventory stocked out. Then we had to order the wood.

At the very same time, I had to go find places where they could scrap the wood for us as we had to recover the wasted wood used for unsuccessful samples/orders. On the 21st of Jan, my DAD and I went to several wood manufacturing places in Paya Lebar and finally found one Uncle who was willing to get the wood scrapped but only after 6th of Feb. Along with that since we wanted to reduce our cost, I asked the price of ordering the same kind of wood from this guy and he quoted me a price of 230$ (a reduce of 220$ from our original, but with a slight change in wood). 

But due to our mismatch in timing and our unplanned organisations we suffered those 2 weeks. 
Finally deiced to order from the first manufacture itself, Mr. Ang, and we were hell-bent on reducing our cost and thus bargained to the best of out capabilities. Finally the initial quotation was 55 pieced of wood in 450$ and what we finally received was 110 pieces of wood at 700$, which was a good trade off as he was willing to deliver it in the CNY period.

Along this period, we as a team had a lot of misunderstandings and differences which we sorted out by talking to each other and making sure that every one realise it is a real business not a any random course.