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After 3 weeks !!!!

posted 3 Dec 2016, 01:16 by JAIN MONISHA ANANDRAJ
Well, its been a while I blogged my company's current progress and happenings.
Despite the double pressure of final exams and maintaining the company work, we were ready to give in our best and make firm decisions.
The story so far goes till the response of the 2 wooden manufacturers......

Then 2 of our partners went to the second factory all the way in admiralty. The wood we found there was the one we desired to use for our product, but the sales manager responsible for communicating with us, was so busy that he wasn't replying to any of our follow ups.
Moreover, he's the only sales person in that factory. Then, some small conflicts, as I really wanted to get this done and thought we can proceed with the Chen Sing one instead, but we know we couldn't risk the quality of our wood, so we had to wait and wait.
Initially following some business etiquettes, we contacted him once in a while.
Once it was high time, we called him and messaged him again and again repeatedly until we got a reply.
Now today os the day of the reply and its time for us to order our main ingredient for our beautiful dish. 
So we decided upon how much we are willing to pay for the quantity of the Birch wood.
Hoping at least be december we can kick start.