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4th Week : Registration week ...

posted 5 Nov 2016, 20:25 by JAIN MONISHA ANANDRAJ
After the meeting with the second wooden manufacturer... It was decision time.
But this took the longest and is still on-going, exactly why i'm updating my 4th week after more than a week's time.

Firstly, I got a sample wood from Chen Sing Pte Ltd as shown, to get a similar feel and look of our products soon.
So this is close to the colour of the wood we liked and enquired more about it.

Once we saw the quality, pricing and colour of our desired wood form both the wooden manufacturers, we now had to decide the pros and cons of each and go with one of the them depending on their quotations mostly.

Most importantly both of them were offering a minimum size of 4'x8' plywoods, and thus we had to calculate the quantity we of each size of our product offerings as cutting services are charged separately.

Then, we had a Skype meeting and I calculated the exact quantities considering maximisation of the wood - 48 pieces of 5"x7", 15 pieces of 8"x10" and 11 pieces of 11"x14".
Then decided to send out emails to both the manufacturers to send us a final quotation so we can start out our work.

Well, one challenge for us is the time, as the Maxcon enterprises, Mr. Ang takes a long time to revert back to us as he's a very busy man.
So, meanwhile we decided to create more sample using our editing techniques and we were given positive feedbacks and suggestions on our idea.
We were willing to try out new methods and less time consuming techniques and thus I tried out a new method using the transfer paper and an Iron.
Well, the transfer paper is of different quality and material - its glossy and smooth in feel and for the transfer I had print the picture in that paper using a inkjet printer only.
Sadly, when I printed it the colour looked all smudged and wet, so i just waited for it to dry but it didn't work. 

But I still tried to iron on a piece of wood to see if the ink can be transferred or not. And when i followed the technique step by step it resulted into this .


So considering the picture i used, the output was really good. 
So now we had to research on the the type of transfer paper and which paper we should use so that it wont get smudged.

Side by side, my group mates and I were learning how to edit pictures  online and how to use photoshop so we can make the pictures given to us look good and suitable for the wood.
And then, one of the important things was to register our company at the ACRA site, which was quite problematic considering whose address to use for the business or if we should use a virtual address for which we had to pay around 5-20$ per month.
Since we are already low on the capital side, I decided to use my home address as my business address as well.
So for that I had to apply at the URA - Urban Redevelopment Authority.
But to complete the procedure there, we had to successfully register at ACRA as a LLP. 
Quite many complications followed as we had foreign students in our group as well. 
Thus, current status - Applied for ACRA , I am yet to endorse as I am waiting for my SingPass ID. And then I have to confirm the address.
And considering the wood order, we are waiting for Mr.Ang's reply as he is on reservist so that might take a while. If we don't get a reply anytime soon, we are willingly going to forward with Chen Sing ASAP.