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2nd Week

posted 18 Oct 2016, 00:43 by JAIN MONISHA ANANDRAJ
Well, this week is indeed heading to be a fruitful as well as hectic one.

The Story so far, was all around unsuccessful prototyping. Looking at the failed attempts, my team and I had lost a bit of hope and were disappointed considering the initial excitement with what we started off.
But, by encouraging and motivating each other we managed to keep trying all sorts of possibilities to widen out our knowledge of expected failures/successes. And thats when we realised the importance of team effort. We had a whole list of things to be done and thats how we all started up hitting different areas - prototyping, emailing, buying of raw materials, following up with the manufacturers to get a convenient date for site visit , updating team blogs , writing our business plan and report, learning how to make a website,etc.

Throughout the week we got all the below mentioned done in order of occurrence :

1) Shweta and Vaya were back at experimening with the prototype making sure this time we don't repeat the same mistake and carefully scrub off the paper with patience and technique.
2) The Following day we got 2 good news :
  • YES !!! We finally managed to get a successful imprint on wood. 
  • Out of the 18-20 emails sent out, we got 5 replies, out of which 3 were in our favour and wanted to continue the talk. HURRAYYY !!!

3) Then I decided to plan a meeting, on 15th Oct (Saturday,9.30am). I had prepared a list of the plan of actions for the day and following week to come.
  • Deciding the Final Presentation Order and Scheme - Work in Progress
  • Our company logo and Website (since we have no tech person in our group-we had to find out way to learn and do it ourselves) - Using online platforms
  • Confirm meetings with 2 of the manufacturers - Wednesday, 19th Oct confirmed with Maxcon Enterprises and Monday, 24th Oct confirmed with Chengsing.
  • Fixed one person per week for team blog update to avoid confusions.
  • Prepared a Spreadsheet for noting down all our accounts since day 1.
  • Go through the website for the grants given to start-ups and see the whole procedure and time needed.
  • MAIN OBJECTIVE - We started scripting our detailed business plan with research and findings.  
4) After the long work during the weekend, now we all are writing out business report and getting ready for our presentation on 22nd Oct.
5) Meanwhile, we also had to make sure of all the possible pictures (colour/black and white/text/backgrounds/etc) which can be printed on our wood and how it will look after the finishing.
So, I printed my own family picture with a colourful background and text to test it on the wood on both sides.

After discussion with my team, i put in almost my entire day scrubbing off the paper, with my fingers gently and patiently using lots of water. Then, to give it a final look, we had options - PVA glue,Mod Podge, Matt Varnish and Glossy Varnish solutions. I used the 1st 3 on one picture to see the difference... Shown Below.

PVA GLUE - MOD PODGE - MATT FINISH in 3 vertical strips.
As  shown, we all saw not much difference in look but I found the difference in feel. Mod lodge gave a slightly rough feel and Matt Finish came out more smooth and neat. That's when we realised that the text had been flipped horizontally... HAHAHA... Thus, to be kept in mind that we shut print the text flipped such that it will appear in correct orientation on the wood.
Well, that was one side of wood I showed. The opposite side of the same wood had the the same high quality laser printed picture stuck on it. I decided to try scrubbing off he paper with a sponge this time to see the end result. And surprisingly I was don't in like 5 minutes and it was much faster but some parts were over scrubbed revealing the wood below, which needs to be handled with care in future. The End result with Matt Varnish only is shown below.

That was the success of my own prototyping experience and experimenting.
6) At the same time, I was in constant touch with an employee of Spring Singapore talking about the details of getting a $ 5000 grant for our business.

Well, everything is happening at once and we all are coping up with the amount of work and responsibility given because we want Pine-o-Chio to flourish !!!!