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"Pine-o-Chio", "pine" as in wood and "chio" as in slang for beautiful, specialises in creating and selling artisan wood prints in the form of gifts, decors, and motivation to individuals as well as corporates who seek an unique rustic charm in their photos. Our premium quality wood prints will capture the memories that are close to your heart and immortalise them for eternity, so much so that your walls tell your stories through "Pine-o-Chio". 
Our products are sustainable, easy to clean and may be simply placed on your table or showcase without any stand or nail to hang. But we also offer stands or ready to hang wood prints, as per our customers wish. 

We assure you that our product made with 100% love, effort and care will speak the dear stories of your past in the future, for eternity, be it the story of your friendship, love, or motivation. 

Our products are offered in three different sizes, so that you have the liberty to choose what you like and what suites you the best. 

5 x 7", 8 x 10", 11 x 14"

How it works?
We've ensured that the ordering process is as user friendly as possible, so that you don't face any problem. It is easy and takes only minutes. 

                        Choose your wood size            Upload the picture      Pay through cashless payment mode

See the difference for yourself
Just like your fingerprint, no wood pieces are the same. Your wood print will have a fingerprint of its own. You can see the rustic charm that will get added to your picture once it's printed on our premium quality wood.